The Most Beautiful Woman in the World: The Best Beauty Tips of the Week!

Hairstylist, stylist, and fashion editor Sarah Dessen and stylist and beauty editor Kate McElroy break down the most beautiful woman in the world!The latest issue of Entertainment Weekly has a list of the top 10 best-looking women in the business, and the ladies who’ve got the most awesome hairstyles, makeup, and accessories.The best-lookin’ women in […]

Kris Jenner has a wig, a haircut and a wig-out

A new hairstylist and beauty expert who is part of a growing trend to turn wig-wearing celebrities into hairdressing dolls is bringing their style to the masses.“Kris Jenner is a very interesting case study of the way we’re moving towards a more ‘natural’ look for women,” said Lisa Zimbalist, a stylist at, a website […]

How to Dress Up Your Hair for the Summer: Tips and Tricks

definition hairdresser hairdressers are professionals who specialize in creating professional hairpieces, whether it’s a formal or casual look, for celebrities, athletes, and any other professional who would like to maintain a professional look while working from home.They also provide hair care services to professionals who need to keep their hairstyle in tact.They’re professionals with a […]

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