Mannequin Head Hairdressing Towels at Best Hairdressing Bags at Wimbledon


— — Mannequin heads are a big trend in the hairdressing world right now.

And for a few months this summer, there were several stores in the U.S. and Canada selling them as well.

Now, the trend is being re-evaluated as the market is heating up, thanks to a spate of high-profile cases of head hair dye poisoning.

And it’s not just the harems of men who are facing a potential hangover.

The trend is spreading beyond the hares, too. 

Hair salon owner J.B. Kowalewski is taking the threat seriously.

He’s already seen his customers coming in with symptoms of head dye poisoning, such as diarrhea and dizziness.

Kogol says it’s important for the salon owners to take the issue seriously.

Kogol also told CBS News he’s noticed that the men are coming back for more and more hair.

The harem of a hair salon owner in Wimmerland, Mass., says he is concerned about the growing trend of head-dye poisoning, especially in the wake of a rash of cases in the summer.

Kathryn S. Koyfman is the owner of the Wimbledon Hair Salon.

She has been working with Ralph and David O’Connor, who run a hair care salon in the neighborhood, since April.

They are trying to stem the trend.

They said they have seen more men coming in for hair.

They also noticed that some men are beginning to go out of town more often, not only because of the issue, but also because of all the attention they are getting on social media.

I was told, ‘What you see on Facebook is the tip of the iceberg.’

I was really concerned about it.

And I thought, ‘If you don’t have hair, you are not going to be in the community.

So, what’s the solution?’

“Koyfman said.

But now she is seeing more patients complaining of dizziness, diarrhea, stomach problems and other health issues.

The owners are still working with coronavirus experts to figure out what is causing the uptick. “

I’m afraid for the future of my business,” she said.

The owners are still working with coronavirus experts to figure out what is causing the uptick.

A rash of head and facial hair dye overdose deaths has led to concern about head hair poisoning in the United States.

The head and face hair dye industry is a $10 billion industry in the world. 

In recent months, there have been more than a dozen cases of poisoning deaths linked to head hair.

A recent case of a young man who was found dead in his hotel room in San Francisco on July 25 was a suspected case of head poison.

But Kogalewski said the new cases are worrisome.

“We’ve seen some of these cases, where they were so young, they were just getting into their late 20s or early 30s, so they are so young that they didn’t have the time to get into that kind of situation.

And so, you know, it’s just really concerning,” he said.

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