How to dress your baby without the nanny

HANDOUT/JENNIFER ROGERS A baby can be a bit weird sometimes.

You can’t go shopping without thinking about baby clothes, and the nannies know all about that, too.

But what if there’s a little nanny who can give you tips?

We’ve gathered some of the best tips for dressing a baby, like this one for newborns.


Don’t forget to wear shoes.

It’s always a good idea to keep your feet dry, and there’s no need to get stuck in traffic.


When you’re wearing shoes, try to keep them in good condition.

You’ll need to change them regularly.


When baby is young, wear loose, long-sleeved shirts or pants, especially if you have a baby.

They can keep you warm and comfortable, even while you sleep.


If you don’t have time to get dressed, don’t be afraid to buy baby shoes.

They’ll keep your toes in place and will keep you moving.


If your baby has to walk with a stroller, consider a baby carrier, such as a baby carriage.

It can hold your baby in place while you walk around and help him stay hydrated.


If there are times you feel uncomfortable, take a baby stroller with you and take a peek at the baby’s clothes.

It may help you see what you can’t do without.


It could be a good time to talk to a trusted person about baby dress codes.

If baby is dressed inappropriately, don,t hesitate to ask a trusted friend to help.


Don a nice pair of baby boots, and get your baby checked for diaper rash.

If it’s not too bad, you’ll be able to keep baby dry.


Don your favorite diaper rash mask, like the ones with antibacterial properties.

It’ll help to keep the skin from drying out.


If diaper rash is the main concern, don a diaper rash cream or mask that helps protect baby from the most common baby skin irritants, like cold, damp or scented products.

And don’t forget a diaper ring, baby bottle or stroller carrier.

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