How to dress like a royal: A royal fashion guide

There are many ways to dress as a royal, from wearing your hair in a bun to making a crown of flowers.

We’ve rounded up the best royal fashion guides to help you get your royal look.

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The Duchess of Cambridge: A ‘proudly Queen’ dress A dress that was a royal hit, but one that could be worn in public without offending the royal family.

Amberley Hall, Duchess of Suffolk, Duchess Amberley Hall is a dress designer based in Cheltenham, who has worked on some of the biggest fashion shows around.

She said: ‘I think it is important that people understand what a royal gown is, but it’s a very formal and classy piece of fashion.

‘There are a few ways that you can wear a royal dress, but they are all very formal.

You can do a white wedding dress, or you can go the bolder route and wear a gown that you’ve always dreamed of and made yourself, but you never thought you’d see it.’

The Duchess of Sussex’s dress is the most high-profile of the gowns on this list, but there are many other gowns that can be worn as a Royal wedding dress.

A Royal wedding gown can be tailored to fit any bride or groom, or even just a bride’s wedding day dress.

In 2019, Amberley made her first dress, a ‘royal’ wedding dress made from a single piece of fabric that is designed to look like a rose, with the lace up back.

It’s the most glamorous dress, and has a royal-themed neckline.

This style is also available in a range of other designs, including a black ‘rose’, a dark purple ‘rose-leaved’ version, a royal blue, and a rose-leaving ‘flower dress’ that was designed for Princess Charlotte.

More royal dresses are also available, including dresses that can look like dresses in the royal ball, a black-and-white, white and red wedding dress for Princess Eugenie, a purple-and white ‘Rose-filled’ royal dress for Prince Harry, and even a dress with a white ‘rose’ embroidered on the back.


The Queen: A red-headed royal gown This red-haired gown was also a royal favorite, and it was a staple in the wedding dress market for years.

The Queen’s gown was created by the late Queen Victoria in the 1930s, and was the first of many red gowns to hit the market.

She wore a gown made of a single-layer, tulle-lined, red silk.

Its original red was the colour of roses, but later the color was added to create a floral effect.

Her gown was worn in royal ballwear for the first time in 1949.

It became so popular that in the 1970s, Victoria wore the gown for the annual royal ball in Windsor Castle.


The Duke of Edinburgh: A dress with gold trim and lace A red dress that had a royal touch.

Ebony-edged, gold trim on the bodice, and silver-trimmed lace on the neckline, it has a high-low silhouette that has a ‘Royal’ theme.

Crown designer Anna Gorman-Gibbs said: The Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh have always had a strong connection with the royal couple, and have worn this colour on occasion, both on stage and in the bedroom.

‘The Duchess was wearing a red dress for the wedding of her son, Prince William, and she was a bit of a royalist herself.’

She said that she was wearing it because of the royal connection, so I thought I’d make it a royal one.’


The Princess Royal: A blue gown A blue-and gold dress that has been the standard of royal wedding gowns since at least the 1930, when it was introduced for the coronation of Queen Victoria.

Lady Victoria wore this gown for Queen Victoria’s coronation in 1930, but the Duchess wore it for the official reception in 1930.

Victoria and Duchess Philip wore the dress for their official wedding in 1930 and it’s now worn for official events.

As the Duchess of Kent and Prince William married in 1952, the Duchess opted for a dress made with red, gold and silver trim.


The Prince: A black-tie wedding dress with diamond appliques A black tie wedding dress is often worn by members of the Prince and Princess families.

One of the most famous is the Prince Charles’s, which is also known as the Prince’s Diamonds Wedding Dress.

Made from a fabric that looks like diamonds, it is an easy-to-dress wedding dress that’s meant to be worn by the Prince.

Prince Harry, Princess of Wales, and Prince George, Duke of Cambridge,