CA hairdressing supply company to be acquired

California hairdresseders have announced that they will be buying a company with an interest in hairdropping and cutting their own hair.

The San Francisco-based Hairspray Hairstyles, Inc., which owns the California-based Hairdressing Supplies and Outlet, is owned by John and Stephanie Muehlhauser, who also own a large collection of California hairlines.

They’re hoping to create an international brand that will bring quality to the California market and help them attract customers to their California-grown, organic and cruelty-free products.

The deal will be announced at the end of this month, said David Muehlenhauser in a statement.

Hairdressing Supply is the only company in California with a certified organic certification, which is not the same as an organic certification from the state of California, according to its website.

The Muellahs bought the company in 2014 and have since grown it into a full-service hairdo salon and hair salon in Santa Monica.

The two owners said they’re looking for a “bigger, more established, larger, more diversified and more profitable company” to help grow their business.

The Muelders said they are looking for an acquisition that will give them “a better quality and a better future.”

Hairsprays has grown its hairdos business by 50% to $20 million annually, and will add a new full-time employee in the coming weeks, according the statement.

The company is not only a source of products, but also of inspiration for people who want to make their own style and hairstyles.

The Hairdresses said that they are also looking for more creative and innovative solutions to create hairdosh that are both affordable and sustainable.

The company sells “haircuts, hairpieces, hair extensions, haircuts, hair trims, hair mousse, hair color, hair accessories, and more,” according to the website.