A man who has taken his own life at a salon to celebrate the occasion of his birthday says he was fired and then beaten by the owners of the business

The man who took his own lives in January, then went on to take his own own life two months later at the age of 43, was fired from his job at a hairdressing salon for the celebration of his 44th birthday.

Kristen Lee Hagerty, a 30-year-old Hagert County resident, took her own life in January at the home of her father, John Hagerts, who also owned the salon, the Hagerties.

The Hagerys say they did not know at the time that Kristin Hageritt, 29, had taken her own lives, and were told she had been the victim of workplace discrimination.

Kristin Hagers father, father of three, said he was stunned when he learned that his daughter had taken his life.

“It’s absolutely shocking,” John Hagers told The American Conservatives on Friday.

“The last thing he would want to do is to make it public.”

The Hagers said that they had no knowledge of Kristin’s suicide until a few days after she took her life.

The American Conservative first reported the story on Tuesday, saying that Kristina Hagerits father had told them in the past that he thought Kristin had been fired.

“I think it was because she was pregnant, and that she was being singled out for it,” John said.

Kristina Hagers sister, Kristin, said the family was “disappointed” by the report.

“We thought it was wrong to share the news about the family’s private tragedy,” Kristina said.

“We thought that it was inappropriate.

Kristin’s father told TheAmericanConservative that Kristen was a hard worker who always had her eyes on her kids, who she loved so much.””

Kristin was a beautiful, caring, intelligent person who had a wonderful family and she would have been very proud to see her family and friends celebrate her birthday.”

Kristin’s father told TheAmericanConservative that Kristen was a hard worker who always had her eyes on her kids, who she loved so much.

“Kristin would work every day, seven days a week, until she passed away,” John told the American Conservative.

“She was a loving mother who was going to the grocery store, working in the yard.

I don’t know if she would be able to work any longer, but she was a wonderful, wonderful person.”

Kristina had a strong support network at the salon.

Her father said she and her mother had worked together to make sure Kristin never worked more than 12 hours per week.

Kristine and her family say they have not yet spoken to Kristin since her death, but will be.

Kristi said she plans to spend the holiday season with her sister and her friends, and hopes to visit the home she grew up in, her hometown of West Linn, Indiana, which she called home.