Donald Trump’s latest hire to be named CEO of hairdresser video company

Donald Trump is going to have to hire some new men in the hairdressers’ business as his company, Donald Trump Hairdressers, is going through a reorganization.

The company, based in the Catskill Mountains, is in the process of closing its doors for good.

Its chief executive, Bryan Wiegert, was previously the CEO of Trump Hairdressing, an online hair salon that specialized in Donald Trump hairstyles and was owned by Trump.

Wiegert resigned from the company this month, a spokesman for the company told The Huffington Post.

Wergert’s departure is a blow to Trump’s hairdressing empire, which is estimated to have $2 billion in annual revenue.

In addition to being named president of the company, Wieget served as president of Trump Hotels & Casino Resorts.

He is also the co-founder of Trump Beauty, which owns Trump Beauty Hair, a salon that sells men’s hair.

Wriggert was reportedly named to the job on May 4, according to The Washington Post.

In a statement, the company said Wiegart resigned because he “has a strong belief that he does not have the expertise or the drive to lead the company in the future.”

The company has been struggling for years, with revenue dropping by more than a third from its peak in 2013 to less than $50 million in 2017.

Wigert had previously said that he was stepping down in 2017 to help “restructure” the company.

The Hairdresser News website reported that Wiegett had been trying to cut costs by laying off staff.

He also said that the company was being run more like a “consultancy than a hair salon,” and that he wanted to sell the company to “someone who can manage it better.”

The Hairdresses have also been losing money, with losses increasing from $1.6 million in 2013, to less then $600,000 in 2017, according the Hairdressors News website.

Wiegot said that in order to stay afloat, he would have to increase the number of employees and cut costs.