How to spot the best Asian hairdo at your next salon

hairdryers around the world have been inundated with photos of Asian-American women with their hair turned down by traditional hairstyles that are typically black or white.

Many are calling it the “Asian Hairstyle Trend,” a term coined by the Huffington Post to describe the trend in which some hairstyles are deemed to be “black” or “white,” while others are considered “Asian.”

“Black hair is seen as a more refined look,” said Hailey Liao, a hairstylist and hairstylistician at the popular Hairstylist magazine.

“White hair is perceived to be more casual.”

Liao said she had a lot of customers come in to her salon, saying they didn’t know why their hair was so long.

She said she would go to the salon to find out if they had long hair.

“It was a lot more casual when they had short hair,” Liao said.

“If they had a short hairstyle, I’d tell them to go back to their roots.”

While the Asian hairlines are being embraced by more mainstream culture, many hairdresses and stylists say that Asian-Americans aren’t embracing black hair, and they say they have a lot to learn.

“People are looking for a certain aesthetic,” said Janna Kwon, a hairdressed stylist who has been working in Asian hair for more than 15 years.

“There are a lot fewer Asian hairstyles and styling styles that are traditionally black and white.”

For the most part, people have been looking for black hair in the past and people are finding it.

But there is one Asian hairstyle that has received a lot attention lately that many Asian- Americans say they feel is culturally appropriative.

“I don’t want to be associated with it, but it is one of the most racially and culturally insensitive things to happen to us,” said Liao.

Liao told ABC News that she has noticed that customers are not comfortable with black hair and even with the long hairstyle.

“Black people are just a minority,” she said.

“There are more black people than white people.

It’s a huge discrepancy in terms of how we’re treated.”

Liu said it is also not the only hairstyle of the past that has offended Asian- American women.

“When I first started doing hairdling, I was wearing white hair.

I didn’t have long hair,” she told ABC.

“It’s a trend now to have short hair because it’s so much more flattering.”

The trend of Asian hair styles has been a hot topic of conversation among Asian-americans, with some hairderers saying that the trend is more acceptable now than it was in the ’90s.

“We’ve all had the ‘Black hair’ thing and it was okay, but then you’ve had the trend of the ‘Asian hairdos’ and it’s not okay,” said Nieva Kim, a stylist from the Eastside Hair salon in the Los Angeles area.

“But we are here for a reason.

We’re Asian and we have long black hair.”

Kwon said she also has noticed a trend of longer hair for Asian-Asian women, but she does not believe that Asian women have the same preferences as other women of color.

“Asian women want to look good, but they don’t necessarily want to have the hairstyle,” said Kwon.

“They want to feel confident.”