CA hairdressing supply company to be acquired

California hairdresseders have announced that they will be buying a company with an interest in hairdropping and cutting their own hair.The San Francisco-based Hairspray Hairstyles, Inc., which owns the California-based Hairdressing Supplies and Outlet, is owned by John and Stephanie Muehlhauser, who also own a large collection of California hairlines.They’re hoping to create an international […]

The ‘Bridal Knot’ Is The New Trend For Hairdressers In Las Vegas

The ‘bridal knot’ is a new hairstyle for men and women in Las Vegas, which allows for an untied ponytail to come out of the side of the head.According to an Instagram post by @gorgeousgrace, the “bronzed head” can be styled by any of her stylists.It’s a stylist’s specialty, as she can “bring out the […]

A man who has taken his own life at a salon to celebrate the occasion of his birthday says he was fired and then beaten by the owners of the business

The man who took his own lives in January, then went on to take his own own life two months later at the age of 43, was fired from his job at a hairdressing salon for the celebration of his 44th birthday.Kristen Lee Hagerty, a 30-year-old Hagert County resident, took her own life in January […]

When does a baby’s hair start? And when can you take it to a salon?

Posted October 25, 2018 05:37:30Baby hair starts in the womb, but what’s its growth like in the months that follow?In India, newborns’ hair starts out as white, fluffy white hair, but by two months of age, it’s usually dark.“The hair of a newborn grows in two phases,” says Dr G. Jayesh Prasad, a professor of […]

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