Which are the best-known and least-known women in Indian politics?

As the political landscape in India becomes increasingly fragmented and uncertain, it is important to recognise and celebrate those women who are part of the fabric of Indian society, regardless of their political affiliations.

Below are our picks for the 10 best- and worst-known female politicians, political leaders and activists, across the country.1.

Aam Aadmi Party (AAP)Aam Aadm Party ( AAP ) is a new party with an unusual and potentially controversial name, but the organisation’s first political leader, Yogendra Yadav, has already become a leader of the party.

Born in 1977, Yadav was the first member of the BJP to be elected to parliament.

He won the Delhi Assembly elections in 2012 and 2013.2.

Mamata Banerjee (MP)Mamata Banersjee ( MP ) is the first woman to be the leader of a major political party in India.

Her party was formed in 2012.3.

Mamta Singh (MP, Delhi)The first woman from Delhi to be a parliamentarian, Mamta was elected to the Delhi assembly in 2013.

She is currently a member of Parliament from Uttar Pradesh.4.

Nitin Gadkari (Congress) Nitin is the son of former Congress president Sonia Gandhi and is the daughter of former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi.5.

Pratap Chatterjee (Congress, Uttar Pradesh) Pratapa is the eldest son of Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi and has been elected to Lok Sabha as the state president of Uttar Pradesh in 2014.6.

Kirit Somaiya (Congress (UP))Kirit Somaisya is the youngest member of Congress.

He was elected as a member for the Lok Sabha from Kannur district in Uttar Pradesh state in 2014 and was re-elected in 2019.7.

Anil Sharma (Congress/JD(U))Anil Sharma is the husband of BJP’s national president Amit Shah.

He has been in the Lokayukta (parliamentary council) since 2013.8.

Jairam Ramesh (Congress)-Jairam is the brother of Congress president Rahul Sharma.

His party is the largest in Uttar Nadu state.9.

Arundhati Roy (JD(UP)-JD(S))-Arundha is the mother of BJP chief Amit Shah and she is the wife of JD(U) leader Sharad Pawar.10.

Kailash Satyarthi (Congress-NCP)Kailash is the sister of former Indian minister and former PM Manmohan Singh.

She was elected in 2016 and is currently the chairperson of the Indian Parliament’s Standing Committee on External Affairs.11.

Aneesha Patil (Congress)/Mujta (JD)The daughter of Congress founder Lala, Aneesh Patil is the Congress president in Uttar, and she has been the state’s chief minister since 2019.12.

Anupam Kher (Congress): Anepsa is the younger sister of Congress leader Rahul Gandhi.

She has been an MP from Bihar for the last four years.13.

Kavita Krishnan (Congress(UP))The daughter and wife of Congress chief Sonia Gandhi, Kavit is the Lokpal of the Congress-NCAP alliance in Uttar.14.

Kalyan Kumar (Congress), Shobha Kumar (JD), Shikha Kumar-Birla (Congress)(JD)These women represent the different parts of the country, and their leaderships have often been shaped by their own backgrounds.

However, they all have an influence on the development of their states, and the wider Indian political landscape.15.

Anoop Gehlot (Congress))Anoop is the second daughter of the late Congress leader and former Prime Minster Jawaharlal Nehru.

She became the Lokmatthala Committee member in 1991 and was the minister for women in the Union Cabinet in 1992 and 1993.16.

Gautam Adani (Congress)”,Vijay Mallya”, and Anupama Gandhi (JD-UP)These are the leaders of the five biggest companies in the country and are also leaders of India’s ruling party.

They have often served as the face of the ruling party, and often have had an impact on the lives of the people in their states.17.

Maneka Gandhi (Congress),”Aap Ki Baat”, and Rajiv Kumar (Dalit)These three leaders of Congress were the main architects of the ‘Jai Hind’ movement.

Their policies have changed the country in ways that are far-reaching, and have impacted the lives and livelihoods of millions of people across the world.18.

Ram Vilas Paswan (Congress)”Jai Kisan Hai” (Aj