This post on Amazon, where employees earn a salary of $16.30 an hour

The Washington Post is reporting that employees at a salon in Chicago earned a total of $168,924.70 an hour during the past year, which is a 10.6 percent increase over the previous year. 

The post also says that employees are earning on average $16,928.18 an hour. 

It goes on to say that some employees earn as much as $17,000.

The Washington Post article states that this is the highest salary increase Amazon employees have seen in years. 

According to the article, Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos has been on a hiring spree since taking over the company in 2014. 

He has announced plans to expand the company’s customer service operations and is hiring hundreds of thousands of workers for the company. 

Amazon has been looking for ways to increase its workforce in recent years, with CEO Jeff Amazon hiring thousands of people over the past few years.