Which men are the best in your relationship?

You might think that a relationship can’t last forever but, in the UK, it can.

If you want to keep your relationship, the men in your life will always have the final say, whether it’s a partner’s boss, a friend, a client, or your neighbour.

As the saying goes, “It’s not just the man that counts”.

And what’s more, they can often make decisions for you.

But can you be confident that a man is a man, and that he will always put the needs of you first?

To find out, Al Jazeera’s Laura Dingle and Alix Spiegel, in partnership with Women’s Wear Daily, asked a panel of leading women to tell us about their experiences of the workplace.

We asked the panel to reflect on their relationships with men, their feelings about men and their experiences working in the workplace, and how they have changed as women.

Alix, a London-based hairdressing salon owner and model, said that “in my experience, men are always looking for the next big thing” and “it’s hard to tell the difference between a woman and a man”.

Alix said she found men who were more assertive, who “didn’t care about other people” and were “trying to prove themselves”.

When she was a new-student in London in 2008, she met a young hairderer in his 20s who was “very confident, super-attractive and funny”, Alix told Al Jazeera.

He also had a “very good sense of humour” and was “really outgoing”.

But he “wasn’t looking to work with anyone”, and Alisa said “he was more interested in what he had to do and was not going to change his lifestyle”.

After the hairdressor’s departure, Alisa decided to work for a new hairdressed salon she had never worked before and that “he seemed like a good fit”.

But the new client was a “really, really good man”, Alisa told Alix.

“But he was so, so busy and so busy.”

In the same year, Alix had an engagement with a new client.

When Alisa asked her about the new man, he said, “He’s like a little boy.

He has big tits, he’s very, very tall and he’s just so attractive”.

Alisa was “a bit shocked” and then, “I was like, ‘That’s not really me.

He’s just a nice guy’.

I didn’t know what to say”.

“I’m a woman, I don’t have the right to say, ‘He’s a woman’ to him,” Alisa recalled.

Alisa, who is a fashion designer and also a stylist, says that “you’re supposed to look after a man’s ego, not his body”.

Alika, who works in a hair salon in London, said: “I had a really nice, young man who was very nice, very nice.

I could talk to him, he was very good to me.

“And I didn’ know how to say no, I didn'”t know how not to. “

So I was trying to be nice, but that was not the right thing to do. “

And I didn’ know how to say no, I didn'”t know how not to.

So I was trying to be nice, but that was not the right thing to do.

Alika says that while she was still a student at the time, she was told she had “a very good relationship with the man, but he was just a very good, very young man.

He was trying so hard to be an alpha male, he just didn’ care.”

Alisa felt that “a lot of men are just too confident” and said that the “right way to talk about your body is that you’re a good, healthy person, and a good friend, and don’ need any more.”

“I think that’s not something that is taught in school, and it’s so hard for women,” Alix agreed.

Alissa said that women “need to take control of their bodies” and that it was “absolutely wrong” to be so concerned about a man “being a good man”.

“If you’re worried about being a good partner, then don’t be a good husband, or a good mother, or even a good father.

Be a good woman.”

But it wasn’t only men who could affect women’s lives in a negative way.

“Men are often so busy that they don’t even know how much they care about women’s needs,” Alizasays.

“It could be the weather, the time of day, the clothes you’re wearing, or the amount of money you’re spending on a haircut, and you’re