Hirdresser says she’s going to leave her job

A hairdressing salon in north-east Queensland has closed its doors after the owner was accused of inappropriate behaviour.

The Fairfield Group said it was ending its business and would be seeking legal advice.

Fairfield Group owner Joanne Gough told reporters her business had been “struggling financially for years” and she would leave the salon when the business went under.

“The situation was very difficult,” she said.

“We’ve been struggling for a number of years.

I’ve been working in a salon in this area for about 20 years.”

I’ve had to get the business to a point where it’s not viable for me to continue.

“As soon as I have to make a decision I will look at my options and I will probably leave the business.”

The salon’s owner said the allegations against her came after years of work and the clientele had grown.

She said she hoped to have the business reopen soon.

“My main concern is for my business and for the people who work here,” she told ABC Radio Brisbane.

“To be honest I would like to be able to get back into business as soon as possible.”

People are really looking forward to seeing the business open again.

“Gough said she was not worried about the allegations being proven to be false.”

There’s nothing that I can say that could sway my decision in any way,” she added.

The salon was closed in early October.

Ms Gough said the group was still open but would be focusing on getting its business back on track.”

Our primary concern right now is for the business and the staff.

We’re really focused on that,” she says.

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