How to make your own ‘bouncy bunny’

You can’t make a bunny with a ball, but you can make a bouncy bunny with your hair, and you can even make a little bunny with an umbrella!

Here’s how.

Hairdresser and cosmologist Heather Bowery shares her tips for creating a bouncier, bouncy hair.

Bowery, who also teaches classes in barbering and makeup, is one of the many celebrities to share their knowledge of how to style hair with her book, Hair and Makeup.

She has taught her classes to celebrities like Ellen DeGeneres, and even to Ellen herself.

Here are some tips from her book: “Don’t use your own hair to make a wig,” Boweries guide says.

“Instead, get a barber’s razor to cut and cut your hair.”

You’ll need a razor, barber pole, comb and scissors.

“Cut your hair lengthwise and make a cut with your barber poles,” she says.

For a little extra extra control, she suggests “chopping off a hair strand at each point on your scalp.”

You can also opt to have your hair “tangled.”

“The bun is the bun and the tangle is the hair,” Bowers explains.

“The tangle keeps the hair from being too bungy.

If you leave it too long, it will curl up, and it will get tangled.”

You’re not limited to using your own product either, you can also use a hair shampoo.

Bowerys favorite is a conditioner that she says “is like a hair color.

It gives you the color, and the way the hair looks in the morning is very important.”

You will need: a hair dryer, a hair brush, a cotton ball, a small bunting or straw, and hair glue.

“Wax the hair into a bun,” she advises.

“It will stay longer, and make your hair look better,” she adds.

“You can also leave your hair out in the sun for a few minutes to get the natural color you want.”

You should be ready to take on the world’s toughest hair-style challenge.

“Be prepared to take a lot of punishment,” Bouchys advice to aspiring hair stylists reads.

“A good tip is to not try to use too much or too little product, because if you try to do too much, it’ll give your hair a rough feel.”

You might also want to use your hair in a ponytail style, to show off the curls on your head.

Bouchies hair styling tips have a lot to offer to aspiring hairdressers.

“Do your research on your hairdos,” she warns.

“They’re really versatile.

You can have any hairstyle you want, and they can be done to a variety of different body shapes.” 

Be sure to read more from Boweryy’s book at National Geographic.